Mission, Vision & Purpose

Our Mission

Through the generosity and passion of our supporters, we fund and promote outstanding healthcare at Delta Hospital and in our community.

Our Vision

The best healthcare possible for our community today and for future generations.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation is to raise funds through community appeals, donations, gifts, bequests, special events, and by receiving legacies and endowments to purchase vital medical, diagnostic, and surgical equipment. The Foundation funds new building projects and expansions within Delta Hospital. Funds raised may also support patient programs and services in our community. 


Our Commitment to our Donors and the Community
By making a donation to the Foundation, you are providing us with the resources we need to continue to work in this community. Because of this, we have an obligation to ensure that the funds that you invest in us are used responsibly and in the manner in which they were intended. With this in mind, the Foundation has made an agreement with Fraser Health that any equipment purchased by the Foundation cannot be removed from Delta Hospital without permission from the donor.

The Foundation respects and values the contributions of its donors. It is very important for us to assure you that the Foundation subscribes to ethical principles that protect confidentiality and any and all conditions that are placed on the gifts that we receive. To formalize this, we have adopted the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights.