Employee Giving

Staff members at Delta Hospital gives back to our Hospital each and every day through their dedicated service.

Employee Giving gives the employees of Delta Hospital an opportunity to make a further impact in the lives of their patients while setting a wonderful example for our community. 

Every employee has a different reason for participating. Some may have had a personal experience being cared for, others simply want to support their community, while others see a specific need and want to help. What ever your reason, there are many flexible giving options to ensure your donation fits you. 

Here are just a few ways you can get involved: 

  • 50/50 Staff Lottery
    The 50/50 Staff Lottery is a chance for staff to support the Foundation while also having a chance to win the bi-weekly ‘pot’ of money.

  • Designating your United Way contributions
    You can designate your United Way contributions to the Dela Hospital Foundation on the United Way' s Employee Pledge Forms.

  • Monthly Giving
    By making a gift each month, you'll join our special monthly giving group. the Helping Hearts. Monthly giving is a quick and convenient way to make a significant contribution that will greatly improve the critical work that our staff does to save lives. 

  • Volunteering at Foundation Events

  • Department Challenges 
    organize a bake sale or silent auction and get other departments to participate – see which Department can raise the most $$ for the Foundation. Foundation staff members would be happy to help you out and give the department that raises the most a prize!

Contact Shari Barr at shari.barr@dhfoundation.ca or call 604 940 9695 to learn more and get involved!