Independent Fundraising Event Policy

Community fundraising events are a very important part of the fundraising activities of the Delta Hospital Foundation. Beyond the funds raised during the events and programs, important awareness is generated throughout the community about our Hospital and the Foundation.
In order to ensure all Independent Fundraising Events & Programs (IFE) have a positive impact on the Foundation’s public image, Delta Hospital Foundation’s requirements shall be met by all groups wishing to conduct events or programs on behalf of the hospital.
1. Written permission through the Foundation Office is required in order to use the name of Delta Hospital and/or Delta Hospital Foundation for publicity and fundraising purposes by community groups and individuals.
2. Unless previously arranged in writing, all staffing and volunteers for the special event/program will be provided by the sponsoring organization.
3. As a guideline, all events intended as fundraisers should net minimally 50% of the gross income.
4. All copy for advertisements, point of purchase materials and other event-related promotional materials used by a sponsoring organization will be approved by Delta Hospital Foundation prior to use.
5. Delta Hospital Foundation will incur no costs associated with special events that are sponsored by an approved organization unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the special event/program.
6. We ask that all event proceeds be presented to the Delta Hospital Foundation within six weeks following the fundraising event/program unless otherwise agreed in writing. All monetary transactions will be handled by the IFE organizer unless agreed to in writing prior to the event/program.
7. Delta Hospital Foundation does not provide access to, loan or give its mailing list for any event or program as it against our and the government’s privacy policy.
8. Delta Hospital Foundation will not obtain permits, licenses, or insurance on behalf of an IFE organizer.
9. Delta Hospital Foundation will not partner nor support events that promote the use of tobacco; endorses a political party or appears to endorse a political agenda; discriminates against any person or group based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability and cultural and religious backgrounds.
Delta Hospital Foundation respects your privacy and will never sell, trade, or loan your information to any other organization. We will use your information only for follow-up contacts (such as our newsletter), and to process and recognize your donations. We disclose your information only to our own employees and agents and only to accomplish the purposes listed above. By providing this information you consent to our collection of the information.