Capital Campaign: Diagnostic Services Expansion

At the 2015 Moonlight Gala, Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation, with the support of our generous donors reached their goal to raise $7.5 million, of a $12.5 million project, for a long-overdue expansion to our Diagnostic Services - Medical Imaging & Laboratory departments. Thank you to our wonderful community for supporting our hospital!


The construction of new Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services Building began in the Fall of 2017 and is expected to be completed and opened for service in the Fall of 2019.

Much has changed since Delta Hospital was built in 1977. Advances in technology and medicine are helping us live longer. But often, longer lives are accompanied by more medical conditions and chronic illness: all with an urgent need for testing.

Our goal is to double diagnostic services in size and build a permanent facility to house all of the vital equipment required to quickly and accurately diagnose disease, and illness. 

Delta Hospital provides exceptional care for our community, but the two departments that perform the tests you need for an accurate diagnosis, medical imaging and laboratory medicine, have remained unchanged for 30 years. A test from the lab, an x-ray from medical imaging or a CT scan can save a life, detect the otherwise undetectable and give a doctor the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis or prescribe treatment. Whether it’s a broken arm, a suspected illness, serious or not so serious, we all need tests and we need quick, precise results.

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