High Level Master Plan


We live in a community that is aging – the oldest in Fraser Health. Over the next 15 years, 25% of our population will be over the age of 65. The truth is that an aging population will require more extensive healthcare services as we all begin to face a variety of medical issues. 

It is you and the needs of our community that sits at the heart of Delta Hospital’s High Level Master Plan. The plan was created out of a two year partnership between the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation, Delta Hospital Auxiliary and Fraser Health, and through countless consultations with our hospital team, our community and healthcare experts.

What is the High Level Master Plan?

The High Level Master Plan is the vision of our hospital over the next twenty years. The plan looks at Delta Hospital's current and future needs and opportunities for the building and the hospital's grounds. This plan will guide decisions for investment and improvements to the facilities and medical program growth.

Approved in 2012, the plan has laid out three major timelines for the hospital: short term (0-5 years), medium term (6-15 years) and long term (20+ years). 


Phase 1: Diagnostic Services

Over 80 percent of doctor’s medical decisions are based on test results from Diagnostic Services.

Diagnostic Services is made up of Medical Imaging and Laboratory Medicine. These two departments provide a vital service to all areas of the hospital and the community, and are the backbone of our hospital.
These departments have been operating at maximum capacity for over six years. The need for their services has grown exponentially, yet the current facility has remained unchanged. Because of the space and equipment limitations, it has meant longer wait times for processing samples, test results, and in the end, patients' treatments.
Because of the essential services they provide to the rest of the hospital, other departments such as emergency, surgical day care, and our rapid access clinic cannot move forward until our diagnostic services are expanded and enhanced. The growth of Delta Hospital begins with the growth of these Diagnostic Services. 
In 2013 the Foundation began fundraising for this $12.5 million project, of which the Foundation had committed to raising $7.5 million. In November of 2015, due to an overwhelming response from our community we were able to announce the completion of this campaign.
Construction on the new Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services Building will commence in 2016.
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Phase 2: Residential Care

Delta Hospital’s Residential Care facility Mountain View Manor first opened in 1980, and is in desperate need of an expansion and upgrade. Our goal is to increase the number of beds available in our community, and create a facility that is able to meet best practice standards for elder care. There is so much more we could be doing to make sure our elderly are comfortable, and have access to the best care. Care that respects their dignity, honors their privacy and healthcare rights, and allows them to remain active members of our community, for as long as possible.

Mountain View Manor has always provided exemplary and heartfelt care – even in an outdated building. The age and layout of this facility has slowed further improvements in patient care, innovation, and enhancements to services.

A modernized facility will allow our staff to continue to offer the human touch that our patients and their families have come to rely on, but with improved privacy, comfort, services, and access to hospital and other specialized healthcare providers. We want to provide an environment that is conducive to recovery, and relieves stress on residents and their caregivers.  

This is a long overdue project that will provide aging residents with the opportunity to stay in the community they love, surrounded by friends, family and the amenities to which they’ve become accustomed. It’s an opportunity to age in place, secure in the knowledge that the support and services they need are right on their door step. 

In partnership with Fraser Health, the Foundation has committed to the development of a business case for a new and unique residential care facility that will serve a dual purpose of providing both residential care and home health services.

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