Cancer Care

What is the Cancer Care Fund?

In 2011, the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation created the Cancer Care Fund. It was a newly designated fund dedicated to the purchase of equipment to aid in the early detection and treatment of cancers at Delta Hospital. With generous support from the community, we were able to grow that fund to over $440,000

How The Cancer Care Fund Helps

The Foundation purchased a Cancer Care Package which included seven specialized scopes used to detect cancers and remove pre-cancerous polyps.

  • 3 Colonoscopes - $60,000
  • Hysteroscope - $20,220
  • Resectoscope - $20,000
  • Rotation-Resectoscope - $43,000
  • Uretro-Reno Videoscope - $16,000

Dr. Robibo, and his team in the Endoscopy Suite perform over 4,800 procedures yearly focusing in large part to preventing colon cancer. The three new colonoscopes help the endoscopy team treat more patients. As Dr. Robibo explains, “We are removing polyps in multiple patients daily and preventing colon cancer”.  And for a cancer that affects one in seven Canadians, we are truly saving lives. 

Delta Hospital surgeons Dr. Ken Poon and Dr. Dan Rapport are also seeing a huge difference in detecting cancer with the newly purchased resectoscopes, hysteroscopes and an Uretro-Reno Videoscope: “This new equipment has meant a great deal to us and allowed us to provide the absolute best care possible to the patients in our community”.  These scopes have been especially important in looking after patients who have cancers of the urinary tract.