Daphne's Story

Daphne is home with her family because of the quick care from Delta Hospital

Daphne, former Delta Hospital patient: “I know that Delta Hospital saved me. I would not be here today without their quick response and life-saving skills and expertise.

Until you need cardiac services, it’s hard to understand how important it is to have local, state-of-the-art care right here in Delta.

Like Daphne, a young, healthy mother and resident of Delta. She was enjoying one of her regular runs through Tsawwassen, when suddenly, she stopped running and collapsed. Daphne’s running partners quickly administered CPR and called 911. Within minutes Daphne arrived at Delta Hospital and it was determined that she had experienced a sudden cardiac arrest.

She was immediately stabilized and when it was safe, she was transferred to another facility for further observation.

It was the quick work of our staff as well as the sophisticated equipment that ensured Daphne’s positive outcome.

Five months after suffering the sudden cardiac arrest, Daphne is back at home with her family, back to her regular routines, and back to running.

“I know that Delta Hospital saved me”, says Daphne. “I would not be here today without their quick response and life-saving skills and expertise. I just can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have this hospital so close to home”.

“Time is essential when treating someone with heart distress”, says Dr. Robert Shaw, Chief Internist at Delta Hospital. “The amazing support of this community has allowed us to continually provide the best care possible to these critical patients”.

It is people like you, our donors, who have made this level of care possible and helped our patients go home healthy. Together, we are building the best possible Cardiac Care at Delta Hospital so more patients, like Daphne, make it back to their families.

Last year 3,809 people came to Delta Hospital for cardiac treatment and diagnosis. Every day, at least five people visit our Emergency Department in cardiac distress and six visit our Cardiac Clinic for diagnosis. We at Delta Hospital recognize the enormous impact this has on our community.

In 2012, the Delta Hospital Foundation created the Cardiac Care Fund. This fund supports patients at Delta Hospital who undergo cardiacrelate testing, monitoring, and treatment by purchasing state-ofthe- art, life-saving equipment.

In 2013,  the Foundation purchased a Cardiac Care package which included a $120,000 highly specialized portable ultrasound. This new ultrasound provides our medical staff with detailed, high-definition images of the heart, right at the patient’s bedside. This allows for faster, more-precise diagnosis with less stress on the patient.