Tzu Chi Foundation Gives $16,495

February 01, 2019

Photo: Tzu-Chi Foundation members presenting cheque in Delta Hospital’s ER to members of Delta Hospital’s Medical Staff and Administration along with Lisa Hoglund, ED of DHCHF and Angela Turner, Major Giving Manager, DHCHF.


The Tzu Chi Foundation recently made a first-time donation to Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation of $16,495, which was used to purchase a new Bladder Scanner for Delta Hospital’s busy Emergency Department.

This portable, 3D bladder ultrasound unit provides a quick, non-invasive scan to detect bladder volume in patients experiencing urinary retention. Providing a much less intrusive way of determining bladder volume not only reduces the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening infections, but also supports the best possible patient care and comfort. Bladder scanners benefit an array of patients including those with prostate cancer, kidney stones, bladder obstructions, post-op complications, and those who have suffered strokes.

“We are delighted to have received this generous gift from the Tzu Chi Foundation in support of Delta Hospital,” says Angela Turner, Major Giving Manager, Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation. “The Tzu Chi Foundation supports so many worthwhile causes locally and across Canada, and we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share with them some of Delta Hospital’s priority equipment needs.”