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Green Award Recipient

September 3, 2022
Delta Hospital Receives Green Award

Delta Hospital is a recent recipient of the prestigious Practice Greenhealth’s Partner for Change award, which recognizes North America’s top hospitals for environmental sustainability.

According to a news release from Fraser Health, Delta Hospital achieved impressive energy efficiency in its buildings by consuming only 570 kilowatt hours per square metre (kWh/m2), well below Greenhealth’s 678 kWh/m2 target. The hospital was also able to accomplish 37 per cent recyclable and compostable waste, nine per cent above Greenhealth’s 28 per cent target.

The achievement marks an important milestone in Fraser Health’s aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s important that Delta Hospital was able to win this award,” says Marianne Dawson, a sustainability consultant with the Energy and Environmental Sustainability team who supported Delta Hospital in their application. “People generally know that environmental sustainability is important, but it’s a large issue that seems daunting and unsolvable. By winning such a prestigious award, it shows that we can make a difference in the big picture.”

“Our leadership team is proud of Delta Hospital’s achievement and demonstration of the progress that Fraser Health sites are making in sustainability,” added Cathy Wiebe, Executive Director of Delta Hospital. “We must continue to stay vigilant and to work even harder towards environmental sustainability, to show people that this can be done.”

Story courtesy of the Delta Optimist, which can be read here.