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Philanthropy in action

August 1, 2021
Philanthropy in action at Delta Hospital

Last spring as COVID-19 showed up unannounced and took over every aspect of our daily lives, our staff at Delta Hospital had to adapt very quickly to keep patients safe and healthy. As the hospital faced challenges caused by the pandemic, our community immediately seized the opportunity to support Delta Hospital and our frontline healthcare workers. At Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation (DHCHF), we were humbled by the outpouring of generosity from individuals, businesses, and community organizations as we launched the Delta Hospital COVID-19 Response Fund. We received incredible donor support enabling us to purchase urgent equipment and PPE for our hospital staff as they battled the pandemic from the frontlines.

One of the early gifts DHCHF received towards our COVID-19 Fund, was from Ms. Sarah Lam of Chemposite Inc. who made an exceptional gift of $400,000. This enabled us to fast track critical infection control equipment and fund priority COVID-19 related equipment and infrastructure. Through Ms. Lam’s donation, vital infection control equipment such as isolation carts, overbed tables and protective equipment has helped to supply the healthcare team at Delta Hospital with the tools required to work through the pandemic.

Another incredible donation we received, was from Mr. Jeff Wubs, founder of Westland Insurance, and his wife Chris who made a very generous personal gift of $140,732 towards infection control and priority surgical equipment at Delta Hospital. Through the Wubs’ generous donation, two PneumoClear Insullators and eight new camera heads are now in use in Delta Hospital’s busy surgical services department. The PneumoClear Insullators provide a safe barrier to remove particles down to 0.05 microns which allows for removal of infectious disease particles including COVID-19. Hard hit by COVID-19, and now working through the backlog of surgeries this gift has provided our surgical team with the urgent additional equipment required.

These gifts, along with countless other donations, helped to protect our community in our hospital’s fight against COVID-19. Although the pandemic is not over, Delta Hospital can now provide safer care to patients and staff while reducing transmission of infectious diseases. They say that in crisis, we often see philanthropy in action. That couldn’t be truer for our community and we will all benefit from this philanthropy for years to come.