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New Echo Ultrasound

August 19, 2021
New Echo Ultrasound Services now available at Delta Hospital, thanks to donors of Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation

Fraser Health Authority and Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation are pleased to announce the arrival of the echocardiogram (also known as an Echo) and the opening of the new Echocardiography Service at Delta Hospital. The Echo was funded by the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation and is located in the new Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services Building. With the addition of this much needed diagnostic equipment, Delta Hospital is expanding services to meet the needs of Delta’s patient population.

An Echo Ultrasound is a specialized, non-invasive ultrasound that produces images of the internal structures of the heart to assess cardiac function. This state of the art equipment will transform cardiac care in Delta as it plays a crucial role in faster, often lifesaving diagnoses of cardiac distress. By producing 2 dimensional and 4 dimensional images of the heart, an Echo allows Doctors to make split-second decisions, greatly enhances their ability to diagnose acute and chronic heart problems like heart failure, heart inflammation and heart valve issues.

Accessing the echocardiography service close to home is increasingly important as Delta’s population ages. Previously, all Delta Hospital inpatients and outpatients in the community needed to travel to other sites to have access to this diagnostic tool resulting in delayed patient care, additional transport costs, and the requirement to provide nurse escorts.

“We look forward to providing patients at Delta Hospital with access to this technology, which will support prompt diagnosis and early access to treatment,” says Dr. Victoria Lee, President and CEO of Fraser Health. “This new echocardiogram will play an important role in the patient journey and help people get back to the activities they love.”

“We are so proud to play a role in bringing this new service to Delta Hospital and we are incredibly appreciative to our donors for supporting the Echo Ultrasound campaign,” says Lisa Hoglund, Executive Director, Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation. “This brand-new service is operating in the Peter C. and Elizabeth Toigo Diagnostic Services Building, ensuring our community has access to the latest and best technology possible. This would not be possible without the continued support of our community.”

“The addition of the Echo Cardiography service is a huge asset to Delta Hospital and to Delta’s growing and aging population,” says Anna Liu, MI Ultrasound/Echo Supervisor, Delta Hospital. “Thanks to the generous funding from Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation, patients are now able to receive their Echocardiogram close to home and alleviate pressure at other hospitals.”