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Delta Hospital Dieticians

March 22, 2024
Dedicated Dietitians Lori and Rowena: Empowering Communities Through Nutrition and Education


Discover how their dedication to health, education, and empowerment is creating an impact on nutrition care at Delta Hospital Campus of Care


As seasoned dietitians with many years of experience, Lori and Rowena’s journey in the field of nutrition has been nothing short of fulfilling and enriching. Their dedication to improving community health and empowering individuals through education and support is evident in their diverse roles over the years.


Lori’s career path began over thirty years ago after graduating from the University of British Columbia. Her passion for understanding the intricate relationship between food and well-being led her to Delta Hospital, where she has been an integral part of the healthcare team since 2011. Lori’s dedication to promoting food security and access to healthy nutrition extended beyond the confines of the hospital. It has taken her to remote Indigenous reserves in Saskatchewan, where she tirelessly addressed unique nutritional challenges, particularly focusing on diabetes management and maternal health. Moreover, Lori’s time at HealthLink BC provided her with a platform to extend her reach even further. As a nutrition counselor, she fielded inquiries from individuals across the province, offering tailored guidance and empowering them to make informed dietary decisions. When asked about her areas of passion within the realm of nutrition and dietetics, Lori’s enthusiasm shines through. She finds immense fulfillment in her roles within the Outpatient Nutrition Program and the Diabetes Program. Here, she witnesses firsthand the transformative impact of education and support on her clients’ health journeys. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to make healthier food choices, Lori empowers them to take control of their well-being and effectively manage chronic health conditions.


Rowena’s journey, on the other hand, took root at Langara College, where she completed science prerequisites before embarking on her studies at the UBC Dietetics Program. As a passionate athlete from a young age, Rowena’s interest in sports nutrition led her to participate in various athletic events throughout her academic years. Her experiences fueled her desire to explore the intersection of nutrition, sports performance, and overall well-being. After completing her dietetics degree, Rowena then went on to complete a dietetic internship at Regina General Hospital in Saskatchewan before returning to Vancouver to begin her dietitian career. Over the years, she has honed her expertise in sports nutrition, assisting high-performance teams with optimizing their nutrition strategies for peak performance. However, her journey took a significant turn as she shifted her focus to serving the adult and elderly population, employing medical nutrition therapy to improve and manage their health conditions.


Both Lori and Rowena embody a deep-seated passion for nutrition and its potential to transform lives. From empowering individuals to take control of their health to advocating for better access to nutritious food, their dedication knows no bounds. As they continue to make meaningful contributions to the field of nutrition and dietetics, their stories serve as an inspiration to all those who strive to make a difference in community health and well-being. Thank you, Lori and Rowena, for all that you do! To learn about some of Lori’s tips to maintain a healthy diet, visit @dhchfoundation on social media.