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Thanks TB Vets

July 3, 2021
New Lifesaving Glidescope, thanks to TB Vets

Last year, TB Vets Charitable Foundation granted DHCHF with $19,000 for a new Glidescope for the Emergency Department at Delta Hospital through the Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation.

A Glidescope is a tool urgently needed by medical staff for intubating critically ill patients that have stopped breathing or cannot breathe on their own. In critical situations where seconds count, this tool is used to help patients suffering from cardiac arrests, congestive heart failure, trauma, anaphylactic shock and endoscopy traumas. The video technology of the Glidescope allows our physicians and respiratory therapists to visualize the larynx and create a direct line of sight to the airway. The device has a 60-degree angulation that allows a greater field of view, which facilitates navigation to the glottis. This is crucial because a physician or RT can only make 3 attempts at intubation the conventional way before they must attempt alternative critical strategies.

Since 1999, TB Vets has awarded DHCHF with approximately $197,000 towards critical respiratory related equipment for Delta Hospital. We want to thank TB Vets for their dedication to transforming individual lives by funding critical respiratory equipment, research and education in British Columbia.