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DH Hero Anna

August 7, 2020
Anna M. Recognized as a Delta Hospital HERO

While in isolation at Delta Hospital last month, a medical unit patient, Moira, felt that she received exemplary care by staff. She was especially impressed with Registered Nurse, Anna M., prompting Moira to nominate her to be a Delta Hospital HERO and donate in her honour!
“Anna was very professional and thorough, as she followed protocol and made sure all the equipment was sterilized,” said Moira. “She was also reassuring and interactive, but not intrusive. I felt very well looked after and cared for.”

As a Delta Hospital HERO, Anna received a certificate and a HERO heart pin to wear on her hospital uniform. The donation received will support the excellent healthcare at Delta Hospital. To nominate your own Delta Hospital HERO, please visit our website: dhchfoundation.ca