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Gifting Securities

October 21, 2021
Q. What are the benefits of gifting securities directly to a charitable organization?

A. When you donate securities, there are benefits to both you and your favourite charity.  By gifting securities including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you eliminate capital gains tax, you receive a charitable tax receipt for the full current value of the shares, and you get to donate more to your charity of choice. Donating securities is one of the most tax efficient ways to support a cause you care about, and a great way to make a meaningful gift before the end of the year.  Before you decide to donate securities directly, we advise that you discuss your personal circumstances with your financial advisor.

If you are interested in making a gift of securities to Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation, you can find a transfer form and more information on our website: https://dhchfoundation.ca/ways-to-give/securities/

If you have questions about gifting securities, please contact Jodi Stokes at: [email protected] or call (604) 940-9695.