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Occupational Therapy Month


“Occupational Therapists at Delta Hospital provide assessment and intervention to patients who are admitted to the medical units, present to the emergency room and reside in Long Term Care (at Mountainview Manor). As part of a skilled interdisciplinary team, the occupational therapists role includes:

  • Functional/Self Care Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Equipment Assessments
  • Provision of Community Resources
  • Assist with discharge planning
  • Consultation for skin protection/prevention of skin breakdown
  • Cervical fracture management
  • Wheelchair seating

Wheelchair seating is a very important intervention that we provide at Delta Hospital. Often, admitted patients will require at least short-term use of a wheelchair in hospital to meet their physical needs. The occupational therapists determine the functional capacity of the patient and meet their needs with numerous types of wheelchairs and therapeutic cushions. Some patients require wheelchairs that can tilt or recline, and others have specific footrest requirements. Delta Hospital was fortunate enough to receive funding to purchase 21 new standard wheelchairs and 2 tilt in space wheelchairs, all with various wheelchair cushions. These wheelchairs are in use daily and help to facilitate patients spending more time out of bed, and thus, preventing further medical complications including pressure injuries, deconditioning and chest infections.” – Tristan Gurniak, MOT, Clinical Practice Leader, Occupational Therapy

Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation sends a big thank you to the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society for their exceptional donation that provided Delta Hospital with a new fleet of wheelchairs that will improve physical and mental health for our patients.

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